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Friday 4 January, 2019

A Winter Walk

After what seems like weeks of gloomy cloud, the sky was clear overnight and there was a frost, but the morning was bright. Sunlight lifts the spirits and made a perfect opportunity to walk into the New Forest National Park, just a few steps from my front door.


Saturday 29 September, 2018


Sadly, we’re on a trip for another funeral. We’re staying near Cong in County Mayo, Ireland and going backwards and forwards to Headford for the funeral and arrangements.


Spacesuit at Chabot Space Centre

Friday 24 March, 2017

The Chabot Space Centre

My two sons and I wanted a day out while their wives took the Bart to a spa in San Francisco for some pampering. The heavy rain off the Pacific limited our options. We had to go somewhere indoors. The Chabot Space and Science Centre seemed like it might be interesting, and would have things for my small granddaughter to enjoy too.


Wednesday 8 June, 2016

Huddart Park, California

We drove a mile and paid $10. We collected our map from the nice man at the booth and left the car in the shade. At first, we strolled across wide lawns, between public barbecues and shelters. There were children in the distance, playing volleyball. Soon we found the trailhead and began to climb into the forest.


view over the South Bay from Huddart Park by Christopher Curtis

Saturday 4 June, 2016

The Cactus Patch

We’re in Moorpark, Southern California for a funeral. The morning after an emotional day, a group of us decide to go for breakfast. There’s only one place for this: the Cactus Patch.

It’s on Moorpark High Street, opposite the original Rail Depot.


Friday 27 November, 2015

Jingjiu - Peking Opera

I was privileged to see China National Peking Opera Company perform ‘Warrior Women of Yang’. The story is set in the Song dynasty (around 1000AD) when there were repeated attacks on the Chinese Empire from outside. With the male leaders of the Yang family dead, the women, led by a shrewd matriarch, take on the leadership to defeat the enemy.


Wednesday 31 January, 2018

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